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Ballerinas are beautiful. They are strong. Their physical prowess matches that of great athletes. They are thoughtful, smart, and caring. They are elusive. They are icons. Perhaps most importantly, amidst all the stereotypes, ballerinas are also, women, artists, and people. Strength and Beauty goes beyond our common definition of the ballerina to not only strip away our preconceptions, but to show how these women balance their lives.


Three dancers from North Carolina Dance Theatre, a top regional contemporary ballet company, divulge the details of their careers and life choices. Each dancer is at a different point in their career ranging from their first year to their fifteenth. They open up about their struggles with weight, motherhood, and maintaining personal relationships while pursuing their chosen profession. Though this is a documentary about ballerinas, it is not a documentary about ballet; instead it represents an icon on the verge of obscurity.